Seminars / Activation Program - retirement home


Since December 2017, I have led the creative workshop "KreAktivtraining", which takes place in the Großburgwedeler Wohnpark (retirement home).

This training is aimed at all senior citizens, some of whom have dementia.

Through a shared creative exchange in a solid group, they challenge themselves to inspire and connect with each other.

I combine memory training exercises with theater-based exercises to create an activating and encouraging effect on the seniors.



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Social Me“

Seminars / Workshops


From November 2017- January 2018, I directed the acting workshop for the cultural project “Social Me.” This three month project was funded by the Imago Art Club in Bissendorf.

The purpose of this cultural project for children and adolescents was to teach different forms of creative expression using a variety of dramatical exercises and methods.

The creative workshop series wasled by  the Lower Saxon screenwriter and director Anna Kasten.





"Beyond the Mirror"

Acting Coach / Film

During the entire filming period of the film "Beyond the Mirror" I supervised the young actor Oskar von Schönfels. I served as his acting coach in many ways including: helping him memorize lines, practice scenes and display the correct emotions required for his role.

The mystery thriller, shot in 2017 in Suhlendorf (Wendland, Lower Saxony) under the direction of Nils Loof, celebrated its premiere in September 2017 at the Max Ophüls Film Festival.

"Beyond the mirror" was developed in cooperation with NDR for their series of programs called "Nordlichter".

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„Morris from America"
Acting Coach / Film

In 2015 in Heidelberg and Berlin, the German-American coming-of-age film Morris from America was filmed. It will celebrate its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2016.
Pulling from my training in theatre pedagogy, I served as a support to the young American lead-actor Markees Christmas during the filming.

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„The Test"
Script and Screenplay

I prepared the screenplay for the documentary The Test by Till Harms, which premiered at the 2016 Berlinale.


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Seminars / Workshops / Schools

I prepared and lead anti-discrimination workshops for AWO Hannover with my colleague Gordon Barnard.

The project was supported by the Lower Saxony Bureau of Youth and Family, occurred in cooperation with the Office for the Strengthening of Democracy and was aimed against right-wing extremism.

The last workshop took place at the Marie Curie School – KGS Ronnenberg.

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At the Kämmer International Bilingual School in Hannover/Bemerode I support a student in the 4th Class, who has been diagnosed with dyslexia.

Through theatrically-informed techniques and stimuli, I help foster a sense of independence and self-confidence in the student. A crucial component are reflective conversations, a focus of which lies on his own imagination, which develops trust in the learning process.

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Screenplay / storytelling
Seminar / Workshop / Education

At the Dr. Buhmann School for Continuing Education in Hannover, I led the film courses „Narrative Short Film" and "Graphic Novels" in 2015. The syllabus included: film dramaturgy and the conception of own screenplays, the development of essays, synopses and ideas, as well as devising and drafting credible narratives and developing students' own stories. The course aim was the creation of original Graphic Novels in addition to overseeing their cinematic realisation.

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Acting Coaching

While the Paulmann Licht Company prepared their project "The Lightworld with Anita and Jens," I offered acting coaching to the actress who would play Anita.



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