My Work

"We denote this primary wisdom as Intuition, while all later teachings are tuitions."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and poet, 1803-1882)

Intuition is the basis for our actions and generator of sustainable decisions. Much too often we forget to sense and follow our intuition. However, we always have it with us; it can help us feel better with our decisions and overcome challenges.

Through elements of acting and a basis of scientifically informed insights, I can help you give that inner clock the authentic and reflective space it needs. People who have worked with me are more observant and imaginative within their everyday and work lives; they process details better; trust themselves more and thus are more confident in making personal and life-changing decisions. That is my primary objective: not just to show you the world in a different light, but to help you discover something new within yourselves.

intuitive acting – sense. act. move.

  • decide deliberately
  • break down barriers
  • overcome fears
  • gain self-confidence
  • improve yourself
  • strengthen teams

I provide my individualized coaching program "Intuitive Acting" nationwide to companies, schools, theatre and film productions, and social groups. Executives, teachers, actors, and laymen can trust my expertise, and experience the immediate impact of what they learn. All of these techniques can be integrated in everyday life, for team-building, management, education facilitation, and organization development.

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