About Me

I believe in lifelong learning, that life is all about continuous education; a sum of experiences; perceptions of self and others; ever-changing perspectives. This last point was impressed upon me during my theatre education in Hamburg. After graduation, I undertook additional courses in performing arts and theatrical pedagogy in Hannover. Throughout my time as a student, I was occupied with the power of authentic depictions, the presentation and reproduction of intuitive knowledge and thought-production.

Because of my experience in creative circles, I am in constant dialogue with educators and faculty, authors and dramaturges, directors, producers, photographers, and filmmakers, both domestic and abroad. Through these collaborations, wealth of experiences, exchanged and learned crafts, and from passion and artistic visions arise new pools of ideas from which I take, am inspired by, and contribute back to.

From these building blocks, I have created Intuitive Acting, an artistic and educational undertaking, which I want to use to help make people aware of their own developmental process. Throughout the process, I view myself as a stimulus and a guide; my educational experiences and qualifications in the areas of breathing, body, and voice work form the base of my professional coaching. Furthermore, I am qualified as a film assistant.

Wiebke Pannhausen

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